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Welcome to LifeSource Church!We are a Pentecostal Church here in Griffith NSW and we warmly welcome you to our church, be sure to browse through the page and be blessed with our content.

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“to be as one; inspiring faith, imparting hope, and expressing love.”

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3D – Demonstration

3D – Demonstration

This week is our third and final week in our current series titles “3D – God’s view of you and me. God through Jesus has delivered us from out of darkness and positioned us in His light. Discipleship is the vehicle by which we grow up into His likeness. This week Ps Steve will issue the challenge that Deliverance and Discipleship uniquely positions us for Demonstration. Not the demonstration of how good am I, but the demonstration that All Authority is His, therefore in this we must GO, demonstrating the Kingdom in power… Get ready because this we know will be great!”

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