1. Word Based

We believe that God will work through His living, authoritative and relevant Bible. We show this value by:
Ensuring that all our theology, ministry practices and organisational policies and processes are Biblically based;
Continually reforming ourselves, our local churches and our movement by aligning ourselves to God’s Word.

2. Multiplying Churches

We believe in the God-inspired multiplication strategy of covering the earth with churches. We show this value by:
Ensuring our churches are autonomous and interdependent for the purpose of reproducing new churches;
Continually releasing our people to outwork the Great Commission blueprint for New Testament revival as mandated by Jesus.

3. Interdependent Ministries

We believe in connected, cooperative and accountable ministers and churches. We show this value by:
Ensuring our church leadership teams avoid the extremes of both independence and dependence, through responsible and accountable practices;
Continually looking to Jesus as the Head of the church, to call and anoint the right men and women to lead the churches of our movement.

4. New Creation Message

We believe in the liberating power of the New Creation Message that secures and strengthens our foundations in Christ. We show this value by:
Ensuring that we teach “rest” in the finished work of Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection on our behalf, and in the reality of Christ in us through the person of the Holy Spirit;
Continually enforcing our authority in Christ and appropriating all the privileges we now possess as members of God’s Family.

5. Gospel Of Grace

We believe in a Gospel-centred and grace-pervading Christian message that must never be added to or changed. We show this value by:
Ensuring that we maintain our abiding conviction that Jesus Christ can save and transform anyone who places their full trust in Him;
Continually embracing repentance and obedience as integral aspects of our response to God’s grace.

6. Stable Spirituality

We believe in a balance between the ‘Word’ and the ‘Spirit’ as we express our dependence on Jesus Christ. We show this value by:
Ensuring that we equally value the Word of God and the Spirit of God as absolutely essential for the growth and stability of all believers, ministers and churches;
Continually assessing that works attributed to the Holy Spirit align with the inspired Word of God.

7. Contemporary Ministry

We believe that our churches should be creative and culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure.
We show this value by:
Ensuring that we prayerfully and wisely adapt and change our worship modes, outreach methods and organisational processes;
Continually monitoring that we maintain our Biblical beliefs and principles as we effectively relate to our constantly changing society.

8. Harmonious Relationships

We believe in pursuing unity and walking in love in our churches and amongst our ministers. We show this value by:
Ensuring that integrity and right relationships are paramount, so we can experience the Godly power and spiritual synergy of dedicated teams;
Continually working at love and unity, doing all in our power to strengthen and develop the ties that bind us together.

9. Dynamic Faith

We believe in a forward-moving and daring faith that undergirds everything we do for Jesus Christ. We show this value by:
Ensuring that we move in a faith realm that prays, believes and acts according to the Holy Spirit’s confirmed leading;
Continually affirming that faith is the means by which our potential authority in Christ is outworked in real spiritual power.

10. Selfless Service

We believe in the call and cost of Christ-appointed ministers who willingly embrace sacrificial servant-hood as a way of life. We show this value by:
Ensuring that CRC Ministers know the depth of spiritual passion that comes from an authentic call of God;
Continually encouraging people to value the cost of being a servant of Jesus, resisting the temptation to desire a crown without a cross


The following is based on our Vision & Values document, to view the document in its entirety you can download it here, or listen to sermons based on our values click here

Habakkuk 2:2-3 NASB 
"Then the LORD answered me and said, “Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run. For the vision is yet for the appointed time; it hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; for it will certainly come, it will not delay."

LifeSource Church has been called of God to make a difference by revealing the love, grace and compassion of Jesus Christ, and meeting the spiritual and practical needs of our neighbours, on a local and global scale. He has called us to unite together as one body, with Christ as the Head, to become a life giving, influential presence in our community. He has called us to live a life of service and sacrifice so that the cause of Jesus Christ will be fulfilled.

We purposefully and strategically educate, encourage, inspire, and motivate people to develop and live out a personal faith devoted to Jesus Christ. We continually seek excellence in providing relevant pathways and services that teach knowledge and understanding for life. We facilitate a meaningful and abundant life through wisdom and revelation from God’s word. We encourage active participation in church life and the practice of sacrificial living. We teach the importance of generosity, which honours God, and partners in the work of the church.

We aim to be a vibrant community, a melting pot of ethnic and social diversity, which provides help to those with needs and offers assistance in better ways of living. We see our facilities as a beehive of activity which will become a resource centre of the community.

The foundation of all we do is our faith in the saving grace of Christ, the finished work of the cross and the victory of His resurrection. Our desire is to be of relevance to our community and our commitment is to the ongoing work of the cause.

The vision of LifeSource Church is to be as one; inspiring faith, imparting hope, and expressing love.


The values of LifeSource Church have grown from a commitment to our relationship with God and our relationship with one another. The values espoused within are already part of our culture (although some still need attention). When we, as a church, looked at them and wrote them down, it became clear that all that we cherished fell into one of four areas which have now been recognised as four undeniable and unshakable values.






We believe in the need to reveal the truth of God through our words and actions.

The lion is often called the ‘king of the jungle’. This picture of regal power and courage indicates our position as new people, born of the Spirit and called to share this good news with others.

Courage is needed to go, as Jesus puts it, “as sheep amongst the wolves”, yet we understand that we are a royal priesthood which work together; as lions work together with their pride.

The mission also requires us to be clothed with the power of the Holy Spirit, so that we can go and be effective witnesses for the kingdom of God.


Our commitment to this value is shown by:

· presenting the full gospel through the truth of God’s word, and the power of the Holy Spirit
· being a credible witness of Jesus Christ through our actions, and giving God the glory through our testimonies

· maintaining integrity in the marketplace
· establishing ministries that connect us to the broader local and global community, in order to meet needs and provide avenues to share the good news of Christ


We believe every individual has the right to belong.

God has shown us the value of human relationships; the bible clearly indicates the importance of belonging. The man shows us a picture of the importance of a relationship with one another. The gospels reveal the nature of Christ as He embraced people from all walks of life.

Jesus’ command to baptise believers represents an initiation into the family of God. Baptism unites us with Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, and is a public witness of our inclusion in the body of Christ.


Our commitment to this value is shown by:

· making it a priority to meet together regularly at services and other activities to encourage and care for each other
· displaying love through the acceptance of all people irrespective of background, culture or social standing; acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual

· extending grace to one another through forgiveness, not holding on to offence or resentment, and resisting all forms of gossip
· championing any person who is willing to have a go and accepting legitimate failure as a tool for learning

· embracing people from outside the church body as neighbours and just as we once were; in need of the saving grace of God

· working interdependently with our CRC Churches International family and other like-minded churches and ministries


We believe in a transformed life through the grace of God.

A realisation of God’s grace in our life will lead to a desire to worship and become more intimate with our Saviour. The flying eagle is a beautiful picture of the majesty and freedom, which flows from that relationship of intimacy and worship. The seemingly effortless way that an eagle soars on the thermals gives us a picture of how God intends our life to be.

God’s empowering presence enables us to live a victorious life. We do not deny there will be times of hardship and trouble. However in those times we rest in the knowledge of who we are in Christ, giving us the ability to soar above our circumstances and see them in their true perspective.

This does not come naturally but requires discipline and the power of the Holy Spirit.


Our commitment to this value is shown by:

· developing an intimate relationship with God through discipleship
· adhering to sound and relevant teaching from the Word of God

· taking responsibility for our own personal journey and disciplining ourselves in all areas of life
· walking in the power and authority we’ve been given as new creations through an exchanged life with Jesus Christ

· a desire to express prayer and worship as part of our everyday life


We believe each one of us has a purpose in life.

The ox; strong, reliable and ready to work reminds us that as a people called of God it is in our nature to serve. Jesus showed us by example that we are to humbly serve humanity and think nothing of it. Jesus greatest example of service was to come as one of us and lay His life down in order that we could be reunited with our Father in heaven.

The purpose of the ministry gifts is to equip others, through teaching and leading by example, to perform works of service which builds the church. Serving others is at times a sacrificial yet rewarding experience and an opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude for the generosity of God in our life.


Our commitment to this value is shown by:

· being generous with our time, treasure and talent
· being reliable, acting responsibly and holding ourselves accountable to one another

· developing a passion to serve to the best of our ability
· offering ourselves where we see a need arise

· providing resources to train, equip and release people in areas of service


United in God’s plan and purpose, we are the fullness of Christ in all His glory. Together as many, yet walking as one, we are a witness to the grace and goodness of God. We have been called to make a difference to this community we live in. The successful outworking of the vision relies on the unique creative abilities of each person, obedience to God and commitment to each other.

The vision and values espoused in this page allows a person to align and engage in a greater cause; it empowers the individual to express their gifts in the fullest possible way, within the context of a fully functioning, life giving body. The harvest is ready, the kingdom is advancing and time is drawing to a close.

The question is will you be a part of the greatest cause in history? Will you respectfully take your place alongside others here at LifeSource Church as we venture forward as one in faith, hope and love?

Your Kingdom come; your will be done (Lord),
on earth as it is in heaven…