World Missions Faith Training School - india

World Missions Faith Training School is located in the state of west Bengal in northeast India. Its current Principal is Rosylin Change, a Fijian-Indian national and Vice Principal Dipen Darjee – an Indian national – graduate from WMFTS Siliguri and Bethel Training College in PNG. He has also served as a short-term missionary to Fiji. There are also 3 other staff assisting all graduates. The school commenced in 2008 under Ps PK James along with his wife Mary. Multiple graduates have gone on to plant ministry bases with established churches. Currently there are 4 such bases, 2 in West Bengal and 2 in the state of Assam. Graduates from the Siliguri school have also established a second training school in the city of Imphal in the Manipur state which borders Burma, Thailand and China.

In June 2023 we will celebrate our 15th group of graduates.

The school closes during the hotter months of July and August, re-opening in September 2023. Due to the Covid pandemic, our student intake has decreased. Please pray with us, that we will have a larger intake this year. 

Thank you for your support an concern for us. Sadly due to recent tribal fighting, more than 250 churches have been forced to close. Along with 1800 houses burnt to the ground and several hundred people have died. All of this in a span of 10 days in which the military evacuated students and staff, delivering them to the villages and homes. 

As a partner of CRC International, any visitors to WFMTS are more than welcome.

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Let us continue to support the work of our dear brothers and sisters in India. Hey, if you’re sensing that God is calling you to visit and support the work taking place over there, let one of our leaders here at LifeSource we will endeavour to get you connected