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  • Pastor’s Desk

    Church… We are back! And it’s about time. This Sunday, we are open again for our 8:30am and 10:30am public worship services. Praise Jesus! We have been missing you and believe you have been missing us. The positive thing about the time away from services is that we were able...

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  • From the Pastor’s Desk

    Dear friends, July is on us and we finally have some good news. The Oversight have decided to start live church services on site from August 2nd and I can’t wait to be meeting with you all again right here at LifeSource Church. Our State Government has lifted a couple...

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  • Pastoral Letter

    Hi Church family Attached is a letter in response to the relaxing of restrictions by the NSW Government. We have had to move with wisdom at this time and I pray you all understand the decisions that have been made. Know that we love you and that we care for...

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  • 10 videos
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