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Pastor’s Desk

Church… We are back!

And it’s about time.

This Sunday, we are open again for our 8:30am and 10:30am public worship services. Praise Jesus! We have been missing you and believe you have been missing us. The positive thing about the time away from services is that we were able to stream our services out online and “attend” church in our homes. I pray this was a productive time for you and that you were encouraged by the messages, the music and the other many things we saw over this time. One real stand out for me was the Kids Services run by our Kingdom Kids team that often slotted in between. How I loved watching Hamish and Peyton sing, dance and jump to the music.

I would like to thank everyone involved in our online services over this time, in particular everyone on the production team. It was a massive effort and without you, our wonderful volunteers, we would never have achieved what we did. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This being said, we will continue to stream online, but at this stage only the 8:30am service. As these will now be filmed live it will take a huge effort to stream over two time slots and we believe the 8:30am service was more popular. Therefore, if you are unable to attend due to health reasons, or you are away, or you feel that you being in a vulnerable position with health or age, you can still attend the same way we have been since the beginning of March. 😁

Now to our meetings here at the LifeSource building. There are some big changes that we all need to be aware of and it is not a simple undertaking. So I am attaching a document for you to read to answer many of the questions that you may have. Please read this so you are aware of the changes to assist us all in simplifying what can be a long process. Please remember we have not done anything like this before, that you are our first priority and we are all trying hard to make things transition seamlessly. Below I will outline some of the major things for you now.

  • To attend one of our services you will need to book a ticket online. You can do this here by going to our website and on the home page choosing a service and following the prompts. Please download the tickets to your phone or print them out and bring with you. There are limits to how many people we can have in attendance. We have 50 tickets available for the Main Auditorium in each service (not including pastoral staff, sound and IT, Kids Team, Kitchen Team, Ushers and Deacons on roster as these are all considered staff.) At our 10:30 service we also have 40 Kids tickets available where the children will be signed in for the whole service to allow for more people.
  • If you cannot book a ticket online, please email Ps Jamie at [] or call him on 69649953 during office hours to book in.
  • We need you to arrive early for services. Doors will be opening 30 minutes before the service and we need you here at least 15 minutes early. There will be a check in procedure that will make admission a little time consuming, and we ask for your patience in this. Please don’t let this concern you, as we are doing this for your safety, to remain above reproach in relation to Covid-19 regulations, and because we are great godly citizens.
  • We cannot offer our usual fellowship times before or after the services, and at the completion of the service we will be inviting you to exit carefully and safely. As part of our service we are including a time where you can spend talking after the service as people leave. Please be aware that we will need to have the building clear at a certain time though to allow for the 10:30 service or allow for cleaning to be done on the day.
  • You can still invite someone to church, if you know them and they are definitely coming, please book them a ticket in their name so we can get their details for contact tracing.
    +Please remember we need to practice social distancing as much as practical. Please maintain 1.5m between you and others in attendance, please sit with your families in the church auditorium and remember to not shake hands and refrain from hugging (unless you are in a bubble) 😊.

For those interested, we do have a Covid Safety Plan. If you would like to read a copy of this plan please email me at and I will happily email it to you.

This is probably enough for one email, so I’ll leave you to read the document attached. There are still many tickets available for this week, but let me say be quick, because they will go fast. Lastly, I wanted to come back and have a big celebration, yet it seems that the timing is not right for that. There will surely be time in the future. Until then, let’s keep moving forward in our journey with Jesus, place our eyes firmly on Him who is our help for today and and sure and certain hope for tomorrow. And let us not neglect the meeting of the saints (Hebrews 10:25). (So book in quick!)

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