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From the Pastor’s Desk

Dear friends,

July is on us and we finally have some good news. The Oversight have decided to start live church services on site from August 2nd and I can’t wait to be meeting with you all again right here at LifeSource Church.

Our State Government has lifted a couple of restrictions, but things are still pretty controlled to keep people within the community safe. The last thing we want as a church is a Covid scandal. So we will abide by the government guidelines, which I am hoping will lift even more over the next month.

By waiting one month longer we will all be able to enjoy the school holidays starting next week, get a breather and prepare to jump in and serve Jesus again. Over the next month, Ps Rodney will meet with key leaders to action some of the plans to make attending church not only safe but more familiar. As we approach the end of the month I will write to you all again, and also convey through our online pre-recorded service and Facebook page the steps we will be implementing to keep you all safe. Let’s all just pray that they lift the 4m2 rule to allow us to have as many as we can meet on that first week.

I will be planning some interesting content for these weeks and can’t wait to see you all in person. The reality is that we will need to have some safety measures in place and would appreciate all your love and patience to see this transition smoothly. One area is that we will be asking people to not attend if you have flu like symptoms, this seems to be pretty standard practice now wherever you go. One other thing that will become standard for the foreseeable future is that we will have a regular Covid-19 Safe announcement within our services. This will be a good idea to help us all implement the new ideas around safety at church.

A couple of things you may be able to do over this next month to begin to build momentum and expectation are;

• Begin to pray that God will do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask, think or even imagine
• Build expectation in your lives by praying for our services to be powerful upon return, seeing people’s lives
transformed under the power of Jesus name
• Look for opportunities to share the gospel, pray for someone or even give a loving and encouraging word.
• Begin to ask Jesus how you may be able to serve at church. There are many opportunities presenting themselves
from cleaning, ushering, kid’s ministry, kitchen team etc. So many potential opportunities.
• Lastly, begin to pray for someone to invite and bring to church. How cool would it be to participate in the salvation
of many after this forced shutdown!

Remember, this is the year of the returning prodigal, the year the lost coin returns, and the sheep are found. As Jesus would leave the 99 to find the 1, let that be our heart also. It’s time to reveal the goodness of our amazing God.

Remember to log into our church online services and keep up to date by joining in on the Sunday mornings.

One more thing to pray for over the next 3 weeks. On the 20th of July we have a very important inspection date at Verity Christian College. This will be the determining inspection that will see us accredited to offer Secondary Schooling for 2021. We are so excited about this. Will you join with us in praying and believing for a favourable outcome?

Lastly, Sarah and I will be taking the next 2 weeks as annual leave. It is time for us to have a break and refresh, so we are ready for the next phase. Thank you all for your love, care and prayers over this time.

May God bless you mightily over this next month and as we begin to meet again.

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